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The Axial Playwrights Series

safehouse (n) - a place where one may engage in personal, secret activities or take refuge - a shelter or haven

The SAFEHOUSE program was created and developed by Axial Artistic Director Cady McClain, playwright and Artistic Director of Shades Repertory Theater Samuel Harps, Axial Associate Artistic Director/director Nate Flower and playwright Evelyn Mertens.

Join us for a full length reading of a new play in development followed by a guided moderation with Axial Associate Artistic Director Nate Flower & Artistic Director Cady McClain

Next up: Tara Meddaugh's "The Old Man on the Ice," directed by Nate Flower

With actors Bruce Apar*, Tom Ryan*, Missy Flower*, Ruben Caballero (Brooklyn), Lev Harvey, Bruce Apar* (Yorktown Heights), and Jessica Valente (Brewster). Stage directions will be read by Anne Hammond*


(* Axial Ensemble Members).

Synopsis: When three men discover a stranger trapped on a half-frozen lake, one tries desperately to save him from his harrowing fate, but his well-intended actions trigger consequences that alter all their lives forever. 


When: July 13th, 2:30-4:30PM

Where: WCT (Westchester Collaborative Theatre) 21 Water Street, Ossining, NY 


Click HERE for directions

Suggested Donation: $20 adults, $10 students 


Workshopped Readings

Axial Theatre is dedicated to supporting and spotlighting the work of playwrights, whether through private development workshops of works in progress or through readings of classic plays by great writers.

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FoolforLoveIGart copy.png


Jacquelyn Reingold's "About a Girl" (private development reading)

Howard Meyer's "Triple Womb" and "Raising the Ground, Lowering the Sky" (private development reading)

Steven Louis Grush's "Feet of Clay" (private development reading)


Aaron Mark's "Deer" directed by William Roudebush (NuBox Theater, NYC)

Craig Lucas's "Ode to Joy" directed by Nathan Flower (St John's Episcopal, Pleasantville, NY)

John Patrick Shanley's "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea" (St John's Episcopal, Pleasantville, NY)

Youlim Nam's "a connected place" (The Dramatists Guild, NYC)

Sam Shepard's "Fool for Love" directed by Rachel Jones (St John's Episcopal, Pleasantville, NY)

Steven Seiffert's "The Atomic View Motel" (Zoom)


Cactus Flowers

in 2022-2023 Axial Theatre read short plays in development online to a National audience, followed by productions of The Best of Cactus Flowers - monologues in December of 2023 and The Best of Cactus Flowers - short plays coming up in July of 2024

Plays included:

"X, Y, & Z" by Christopher Goutman

"Tantarus v Rhodadanthus" by Scott Sickles

"I See You" by Serena Norr

"Handless" by Linda Giuliano

"Is Nothing Sacred" by Evelyn Mertens 

"Folding Danica" by Chima Chikazunga 

"Civil Disobedience" by Lori M. Myers

"Last Birthday" by Youlim Nam

"Like Miriam" by Jacquelyn Reingold

"Constituent" by Karin Diann Williams

"Headless" by Linda Giuliano

"Rolling My Own"  by John Patrick Bray

"The Audition" by Dominic Hoffman

"The Parallel" by Jeff Gould

"Native Language" by John Mabey

"The Wish" by Justice Hehir, Dena Igusti, Phanesia Pharel, Nia Akilah Robinson, Julia Specht, with dramaturg May Treuhaft-Ali

"That Way" by Evelyn Mertens

"Frame Within a Frame" by Judy Klass

"Finding Mother Courage" by Pamela Kingsley

"Disability on Love" by Val Stulman

"Arcana" by Carson Grace Becker

"Punctuation Play" by Nayna Agrawal

"Flat Meat Society" by Tom Coash

"Not Like Us" by Mark Harvey Levine

"Chicken Fried Catfish" by Donna Latham

"When Life Gives You Lemons" by Pamela Morgan

"As The Dust Settles" by Morgan Fears

"Good Times, Bad Times" by Diana Burbano

"Today I Met the Pacific Ocean" by Rita Anderson

"Tippy Toes" by Linda Bergman

"Undiscovered Country" by Dana Leslie Goldstein


Axial Theatre Presents "Robust Admixture"a short film based on the work of Westchester Poet Laureate BK Fischer (below). Directed by Cady McClain and featuring the work of the Axial Ensemble


Based on "Ceive" by BOA Editions

"Robust Admixture" is a short film based on the work of Westchester poet laureate BK Fischer and her novella-in-verse "Ceive." It is a profound and remarkable poetic interpretation of Noah's arc that allows us to reflect on the impact of climate change on the individual, the family, and society.

If you are interested in showing this film at your school, library, organization or institution, please contact

Poetry at Axial


Axial Theatre has co-produced a short film directed by Cady McClain titled "Robust Admixture" - compiled from work by Westchester poet Laureate B.K. Fischer's novella of poems, "Ceive." The film shares the power of poetry to inspire works of art that bring awareness to the issues of climate change, gun violence, and viral pandemics.


The film is now complete and available on our website. If you are interested in showing the film, please reach out to our Artistic Director at

Cover of CEIVE by BK Fischer.png

"Robust Admixture" is a compilation of work drawn from "Ceive" by BK Fischer.


On set photo by Brittany Grenado of Axial Ensemble Member Sandy Rooney

BK Fischer.jpg

Author BK Fischer

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