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Axial Playwrights


AXIAL PLAYWRIGHTS is a program for playwrights to have their new one act or full length work read and discussed for development purposes by Axial's ensemble and special guests. Classic plays are also read to give our ensemble members an opportunity to exhibit and develop their craft. We are proud to share that playwright and former Artistic Director of "Shades Repertory Theatre" will be leading a monthly series of private development readings for playwrights.


Craig Lucas's "Ode to Joy" directed by Nathan Flower



Plays read in 2023:

Howard Meyer's "Triple Womb" and "Raising the Ground, Lowering the Sky"

John Patrick Shanley's "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea"

Youlim Nam's "a connected place" at The Dramatists Guild

directed by Cady McClain

Sam Shepard's "Fool for Love" directed by Rachel Jones

Readings in 2022:

Jan 17th: Sam Shepard's "True West"

Feb 6th: Steven Louis Grush's "Feet of Clay"

March 6th: Steven Seiffert's "The Atomic View Motel" - online

Willow Towers

Axial Theatre is proud to provide readings for the community at Willow Towers Senior Center. We recently partnered with GoJo Clan Productions and M&M Performing Arts Company for readings of Duck Variations by David Mamet and Dream Lovers by Albi Gorn.

Axial Theatre Ensemble Member Sandy Rooney is now providing monthly acting classes to the Willow Towers Community..


The Poetry Project

The Poetry Project  is a yearly project made as an outside-the-box short film production.  


Axial Theatre has co-produced a short film directed by Cady McClain titled "Robust Admixture" - compiled from work by Westchester poet Laureate B.K. Fischer's novella of poems, "Ceive." The film shares the power of poetry to inspire works of art that bring awareness to the issues of climate change, gun violence, and viral pandemics.


The film is now in post-production.

Cover of CEIVE by BK Fischer.png

"Robust Admixture" is a compilation of work drawn from "Ceive" by BK Fischer.


On set photo by Brittany Grenado of Axial Ensemble Member Sandy Rooney

BK Fischer.jpg

Author BK Fischer

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