Cactus Flowers


CACTUS FLOWERS  is a reading series for short works in progress that combines top professional actors with our talented Axial Ensemble and special guest moderators to create a unique, curated conversation.  This is an ongoing conversation that focuses on issues of craft, playwright development, and/or professional development.  We are interested in works that invite or challenge the audience to consider how theater can be a tool for changing our world.

Projected dates for 2022: 

Sunday, May 15th 3-5pm ET - Online

Sunday, June 26th 3-5pm ET - Hudson Valley Writers Center and live streaming

Sunday July 24th 3-5pm ET - Hudson Valley Writers Center and live streaming

Sunday, September 18th 6pm - 8pm ET - Hudson Valley Writers Center and live streaming

Axial Playwrights


AXIAL PLAYWRIGHTS is an opportunity for playwrights to have their new one act or full length work read and discussed for development purposes by Axial's ensemble and special guests.

Readings of new, full length plays in 2022:

March 6th: Steven Seiffert's "The Atomic View Motel" - online

July 25-31: Howard Meyer's "Triple Womb" at Michael Howard Studios, NYC

August 7th: Susan Miller's "Census" at the Hudson Valley Writer's Center

ScreenGrab_ATOMIC VIEW MOTEL_1.png

The Poetry Project


The Poetry Project  is a yearly project made as an outside film production that includes Axial Ensemble members and special guests.  This year we are thrilled to be filming selected pieces from Westchester poet Laureate B.K. Fischer's novella of poems, "Ceive." 

Read through (free and open to the public) followed by group discussion:

June 2nd 6pm - 9pm - Hudson Valley Writer's Center (poet in attendance)

Cover of CEIVE by BK Fischer.png
BK Fischer.jpg