"Mr. Meyer has worked with me… and made an invaluable contribution through his perceptive analysis of text and performance.  Howard has a strong talent and considerable skill...  His vision of theatre, both as a vehicle of personal truth as well as moral force in the community is one that I completely identify with."

- Athol Fugard, Tony Award winning Playwright on Axial Founder and board President, Howard Meyer

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Howard Meyer's Acting Program, an extension of Axial Theatre, offers training for actors and playwrights at all levels of experience.  

The guiding principle of this Program is to foster truth in creative expression in a supportive environment committed to individualized attention.

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Advanced Classes in acting with Howard Meyer

Beginning, Intermediate in acting with Rachel Jones

Children and Young Adults with Najah Imani Muhammad

Private coaching available upon request.


Learn how to develop a play scene by scene. Students will bring in writing each week and hear their work read out loud. With the aid of in-class writing exercises and guidance for the work brought in each week, one-act plays and full lengths will develop for each playwright. Come discover your voice in a safe environment and watch what develops.