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At Axial, our mission is to foster a greater understanding of our shared world through the arts.  Whether as producer, presenter, or educator of theatrical experiences, we are driven by the knowledge that live theater is a powerful tool for inspiring social change.  The written word performed can transform our thinking and expand our ability to reflect on our responsibilities toward creating the change we want to see in the world. We are committed to taking bold risks and making space for powerful new voices.

Embracing Change

Founded as an ensemble of impassioned artists in 1999, Axial Theater Company has developed playwrights, actors, and directors who have gone on to have thriving, professional lives in film, television, and theater.  In 2022 we will be honoring our commitment to our acting and playwriting development programs while expanding into a NEXT STAGE featuring new productions, dynamic partnerships, unique theatrical experiences and special guest speakers open to the entire community.

Board of Directors

(in alphabetical order)

Lisa Hertz

Bruce Apar
Tony DiFabbio 
Howard Meyer

Amanda Quinn-Olivar

Dan Walworth

Advisory Board
(in alphabetical order)
Jane Dubin

Athol and Sheila Fugard

Jeff Johnston
Steven Koenig

Craig Lucas

Susan Miller

Jacquelyn Reingold

John Patrick Shanley

Dominic Hoffman

Founding Members

(in alphabetical order)

Rachel Jones

Emily Masciandaro

Howard Meyer

Stephen Palgon

Bret Primack

Artistic Director

Cady McClain

Managing Director

Marisa Lowe

Public Relations

Suzanne Ordas Curry 

Acting Master Class

Howard Meyer

Playwriting Instructor

Perryn Pomatto

Acting - Basic and Intermediate

Rachel Jones

Acting - Teens

Najah Imani Muhammad

Honorary Ensemble Members

(in alphabetical order)

Michael Boyle

Meredith Garretson (AEA)

Linda Giuliano

Albi Gorn

Stephen Louis Grush (AEA)

Rachel Jones (AEA)

David Lanson (AEA)

Jon Lindstrom (AEA)

Ryan Mallon

Stephen Palgon

Bret Primack

Jacob White (AEA)

Susan Ward (AEA)

Ensemble Members

(in alphabetical order)

Michael M. Alva

Bruce Apar

Torian Brackett

Catherine Banks

Anthony Barresi Jr. 

Marilyn Collazo

Lori Franzese

Julie Griffin

Gail Greenstein (AEA)

Tom Ryan

Sandy Rooney

Jeff Schlotman

Darlene Tejeiro

Dan Walworth

Donna Svennevik

Allegra Venturi

Anne Hammond (AEA)

Marisa Lowe

Evelyn Mertens

Pat McGuinness 

Najah Imani Muhammad

Youlim Nam

Maria Oppedissano

Mickey Pantano (AEA)

Duane Rutter

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