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Our Mission:

Axial Theatre is an ensemble-based Westchester theatre organization comprised of artists committed to creating professional theatre and a vital educational experience for emerging artists. Axial Theatre is committed to producing plays, both new and old, that speak to issues relevant to today's world. 


Fulfilling Our Mission

Axial, a performing, professional regional theatre ensemble, offers programs for acting for teens and adults, and workshops for aspiring playwrights. Individuals who have taken a Program and others may be invited to become a member of the Ensemble. Members of the Ensemble are invited as actors, playwrights, directors and also design and technical positions. Professional guest artists are invited to teach workshops and perform along with the Ensemble.


Our Work

All of our original plays come out of extensive collaborative dramaturgical processes between guest and company writers and the entire company. This work takes place in our bi-monthly developmental reading series, Axial Playwrights. We are committed to presenting the plays in readings, workshop and finished presentations, so as to incorporate audience feedback towards the completion of each play.

We also provide education in the theatre arts to our community. Howard Meyer's Acting Program, a project of Axial Theatre, offers training for actors and playwrights at all levels of experience. The guiding principle of this Program is to foster truth in creative expression in a supportive environment committed to individualized attention.


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