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A New Twist

This year, we decided to do Twisted Valentines a little differently. Instead of writers submitting works they had written, a bold group of 8 playwrights gathered together to write new pieces for the 2020 Twisted Valentine's show. The playwrights were given a shared location (a restaurant in Pleasantville), some character prompts and sent on their way. Several weeks later, the drafts came in and we all began the process of integrating the plays for a cohesive evening.


What we discovered is that we had 8 vignettes documenting the comings and goings of customers and staff at "Il Ristorante di Bruno" over the course of Valentine's Day. It is our pleasure to invite you into that world with:

Love Contained by Lisa Kimball

Directed by Rachel Jones

With: Marilyn Collazo, Jeff Callan & Gail Greenstein

No Lovers for Helen by Niki Hatzidis

Directed by Tom Wallace

With: Sandy Oppedisano Rooney, Catherine Banks & David Michael Kirby

Calculating by Stephen Baluzy

Directed by Rachel Jones

With: Anthony Barresi, Jr., Michael E. Boyle, Jr. & Marilyn Collazo

Luella & Josh by Mandy Murphy

Directed by David Adam Gill

With: Mandy Murphy, Andrew Griffin, & David Michael Kirby

Okay, Valentine by Linda Bidwell Delaney

Directed by Catherine Banks

With: David Hurd, Emily Aronoff & Brandon Rumaker

Riunité on Ice, That's Nice! by Patrick Lennon

Directed by Virginia Reynolds

With: Lori Franzese, Shawn Brown & David Michael Kirby

Clear Dark Night by Susan Egginton

Directed by Nathan Flower

With: Roberta Robinson, Dan Slavin & Henry Winship

More by Evelyn Mertens

Directed by Nathan Flower

With: Henry Winship & Missy Flower 

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