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An impossibly famous writer lies dying in a hospital in a great European city. Lovers, past and present, gather in an absurd and comic summit of the beguiled and heart-broken.

Craig Lucas, Obie-award winning playwright, New York Film Critics award-winning screenwriter as well as an actor and director of stage and screen, says:


“In Katie Baldwin Eng’s marvelous play Nectar, love, longing & sex lead to their inevitable destination as in life… Seldom has a writer so trusted the logic and veracity of her dream. There is enough in Nectar to occupy a fleet of Jungian analysts for lifetimes. Devouring passion and irrevocable loss join hands with the urgency of young lovers seizing their only chance to do what lovers must do. Nectar insists upon itself with that same drive. How does Two become One? That is the eternal question.”

Drama Desk award-winning director Josh Hecht, artistic director of Profile Theatre, calls Nectar:


“A magical, poignant, funny new play, full of a wistful, even nostalgic sense of romance and loss while also holding space for a hopeful future.”

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